Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Birthday Mama

Mama & Me circa 1974

Today is my mother's ##th birthday. (secret numbers teehee)

Happy birthday to the woman who made my life possible. One of my life's Constants.

Steadfast, loving, strong, shoe-loving, --with a faulty lipstick choice I need to correct once in a while. She believes in presenting oneself in the best possible way to the public. (She tried teaching us this quality, but...well, sometimes, we need to fail. Sorry, Ma.)

Like a lot of things in her life, she's overachieving very nicely at recovering from a massive stroke. [That was a day that God proved He is watching over her. True story for another post.]

To me, she's larger than life. I was intimidated by the knowledge of being unable to measure up to her as a mother. But I got over it. Because she did not breastfeed us.

Figured Amy Tan didn't write her books about Chinese moms if she didn't have mommy hangups. Everyone's got some, so get over it. I did.

So Happy Birthday to my mother, Suat Pin Tan Khu. The love of my father's life. The rock of mine. May you continue to be blessed and continue to make a difference in this world. You make me proud to be your daughter. I only wish I could stop hearing you in my head telling me to push a little harder so I can be the best. Maybe i don't always listen, because I know you'll take me anyway.

I love you. I'm trying to be the best Olivia I can be.