Monday, October 15, 2007

300 mhin

surfing online for a project whose visual peg includes 300.

saw this. totally appealed to my faghag humor. enjoy.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


We all love that series Sex And The City.

We swooned (a little) over Mr. Big, felt for Miranda as she struggled to lose her baby fat, giggled over Charlotte's pollyanna ways, cheered on when Samantha dealt with an issue that's both scary and real--breast cancer.

It opened many minds to the reality of being responsible for your own happiness. It was a show that celebrated women's independence, friendship, love, and life.

All these happenning around beautiful shoes, clothes, accessories, pretty girly make-up didn't hurt either. I don't recall any other show that had so many designers and labels in them. All enough to bring out the brandwhores in us all.

So now finally, they are making the movie. YAY!!!

Girlfriends, on May 30, 2008, SATC-the movie.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Domestic Divahood

When you've recently acquired a spouse, in place of the normal “How are you?”, you get a: “How is married life?”

Your standard answers:

  1. “Fine. I have a male roommate I’m training to put the toilet seat down.”

  2. “Ok.”

  3. “It’s a different experience.”

  4. Pause. “Um…not bad.” Smile. “Not bad at all.”

  5. My favorite: “I’m fine thank you. And you?”

You don’t want to risk sounding too happy or you’ll seem smug.
You don’t wan’t to show any degree of anxiety, or they’ll BE smug.
You basically have your guard up all the time.

While still adjusting to the new partnership, one needs to be careful not to drown out one’s individualism and disappear into the oblivion of being abbreviated into a single letter “s” when people address you as “Mrs. Add His Name Here”.

Seems complicated, but it’s not bad. The truth is:

Domestic divahood is fun. Love the cookware. Love the new place. Love the husband.

But life is multifaceted. We keep going.

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