Wednesday, December 24, 2008

happy holidays!

it's 12 noon and i've just let mama garcia's maid in. she's here early to get the place ready and help me prepare tonight's merry little christmas noche buena here at home.

just posting some my favorite christmas sawngs above.

flying home to cdo tomorrow. wheee!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the mothership

this is my formula for early indoctrination:

"test...test 1, 2...* modulate your voice and speak directly to your belly. 

"kung pao (or any baby nickname you use), this is your mothership speaking. i am your portal to this world. you must always always listen to me, because i am always gonna be right. you can also call me mommy. wwwoooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeooooooooaaaaoooooooooaaaaaeeeeeehhhh..."

note: make the last bit sound like a spaceship in 70's movies. 

jerome caught me doing this once and told me to stop freaking the kid out.

i disagree. me and kung pao are just hangin'.  

Monday, November 10, 2008

nothing going on

in my enthusiastic belly protrudes in a pregnant-lady-way.

but in reality, it's really nothing great yet.

a lot of non-pregnant women and men have got bigger and brighter looking bellies than mine. some look very much like second trimester bellies.

so, if i take the mrt, people would basically tell me to go fuck myself, i'm not getting a seat, i'm just fat like everyone else.

as my expanding waistline makes me start looking into maternity clothes---gingersnaps completely turned me off.

my theory is that the designers and owners are people who believe pregnant women should dress like infants because of the odd proportions they now sport.
make pregnant women wear lace, puff sleeves, and ruffles...yay!!!

yuck! it's enough to trigger one's morning sickness. (luckily, i don't get that, thanks to multivitamins i have been downing for years. yeah i'm unapologetically smug about means i do have some good habits!)

i'm partial to bohemian/flowerchild styles. the clothes that flow with you, celebrate with you, and smile with you.

surely, in this season of bazaars i can find some.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

new day

i'm not a fan of the u.s. of a.

i'm from u.p.
, which means i either dislike the country blindly or want to move there. i have no ambitions of moving there.

today, americans wake up to a brave new world.

obama wins. good on ya, mr. barack obama. i hope you can save the world.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the amazing race asia 3

two more days to the next tara3. can't wait. :)

based on the fact that last season's winners, sg's colin (my bodypump instructor way back when! yay!) and adrian were the endorsers of sony videocams...i'd say this year's winners are the honkie boyfriends, sam & vince by virtue of them being the only team to have the same endorsements.

hehehe. i think sam looks like my friend eddy. (only eddy looks a whole lot better.) both vince and sam are likeable enough, and they can bitch at each other like an old married couple. adorable.

a.d. & fuzzie, funky lezzies. poised because these two ladies take themselves much too seriously to make any attempts at undignified sprints...they amble along. but they are still in the game.henry & bernie--sad to see this brother/sister team go!!! they are just so cute. with henry in his disco vest emblazoned with "bimbo", and sister bernie all sporty and sweet at the same time. i really liked this team's dynamic.
my favorite team, ida & tania! the heiress and the actress, both fun, pretty, and gutsy. everybody loves loves and just loves their energy. they have fun, and make amazing race very very cool. dunno if anyone else notices the duo somehow manages to be sipping softdrinks while inside a jeep on a hell-hot day, or that they mange somehow to get the nice luxurious bus... they are just fabulous.
and finally--team philippines, tisha & geoff. okay...i don't even know where to begin. at least this team play the villains, so they won't get eliminated easily. it's amusing to count the number of obnoxious and rude/crude/ignorant things short-tempered geoff does every episode. but it's another thing to watch out for the abuse-of-the-day he would heap on beauty queen, fhm-posing , doormat-impersonating tisha.

okay, i will say something nice. she defends her man and takes offense as 5 complete and total strangers from several different countries point out that her man was an asshole/jerk. only they were using polite euphemisms. so she is loyal.

she is really NICE. remember though, that "nice" is a four-letter word.

go team philippines. yay.

i still think sam & vince won.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

bed, bitching, & baby

daddy j + generic asian baby (me) in our rugrat years.

who knew you need to slow plenty down when you get pregnant? you can't go around with a full sched anymore. no walking around for 6-7 hours or so; rest stop in between or not.

i spent the whole of last week, doing what (for me) was always just an urban legend--the much whispered, but seldom discussed pregnancy's total bed rest. *tadah!*

this rest (along with a strict duvadilan regimen) was recommended by my ob-gyne. i texted dr. c. cruz-reyes after some cramps on sunday night.

initially resisting, and generally pissed off with myself and the situation, i haggled with my doctor to make the bedrest a 3-day affair. she gave her reluctant nod with strict instructions that should there be contractions again by tuesday or wednesday, 7 days bedrest will be non-negotiable.

since i start getting hungry at 7 am (strange new habit: the morning fruit fix) then every 3 hours after that, i decided to park myself in the living room sofa. that way, i can eat while staying horizontal most of the time.

jerome's mom sent her maids daily to come and help me with household chores and errands, etc. i had them buy the fruits i have been meaning to get but somehow, never had the time to buy.

my sister, my mom and my godmother, came to see me. they brought what i call chinese love--COOKED FOOD! about 2 weeks worth of meals for jerome and i.

by wednesday, i was still feeling some funny stuff, so i took the whole week off. that was also after my sister threatened me with the possibility of being confined even much longer if things get worse.

still a little resistant, but trying to be obedient, i called abbie who is also on her first trimester, and also doing bed rest for colds and cough. she's a doctor, and jerome fondly calls her my cosmic twin.

she must have caught the faintest whiff of my resentment at being confined to bedrest. she patiently explained the things about bed rest to me.

the most valuable thing abbie said to me turns out to be: the bedrest is not for you. it's for the baby.

that ended all my little drama queen antics on the spot.

in my self-absorption, in the midst of all the hormonal changes and insanity this body is being subjected to, i have forgotten the most basic point of being pregnant... to bring a child into this world. duh.

that exact moment, when i got over myself, and started to focus on the baby, everything became easy.

i sighed and leaned back. rubbing my belly, i started to send the baby my good vibes of love, peace, happiness, and my sense of wonder.

in turn, the little one made me start hearing frank sinatra, dusty springfield, nora jones, and some other oldies in my head every morning like a "first song syndrome". think this baby is an old soul. lol.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

in loving memory

sarah mclachlan--angel

this year has been a year of many departures.

1- jerome's tita marilyn passed on last week
2- also intered in bulacan now is one of my mother-in-law's favorite uncles, tito cyr santiago
3- tito kit (dondi's dad) went last month
4- a couple of months before that, a member of jerome's family household, mang bert
5- last june, one of ipost vfx group's favorite directors, manong gilbert also passed away.
6- last may, my dad went.

i know many folks who also said goodbye to their loved ones this year. it has been rough on everyone.

we are sad about their passing, once more reminded of how important it is to live fully.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


just to be sure, i used all 3 test strips.
they all seem to agree that i'm pregnant. tee hee.

it seems i do have a parasite (or two). jerome finds it offensive that i call them this. it's just easier to refer to them as such since it's yet too early to hear the heartbeat/s. and i'm not supposed to make announcements until the 13th week.

until then, i talk to my belly and go:
"c'mon kids! we're going to take the elevator."

sometimes, it's:
"cover your ears kids, mommy said a baaaadd word, you should never call people s---"
(rhymes with 'but')

and very often:
"okay kids, you win! mommy will stuff her face."

until october 15th, when i am scheduled to have ultrasound again, i can only tell them:
"hang in there kids! let's make you can stop looking like a bunch of cells soon and start looking like daddy..."

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


in 5 days, i will know if i too have a parasite.

relaxed is my middle name. i don't think i have a parasite (or two) just yet.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

weekend in tagaytay

photos taken on my phone

had a fun weekend in tagaytay. stayed in a boutique hotel/BB called andanita taj*click link*.

loved the place.

we stayed in their casablanca room. the asparagus detail on the ceiling had me at "hello". but that's only second to the painting detail around the toilet paper holder (see photo below). LOL.

food was good indian. kitchen and wifi are 24 hrs.

you get a welcome drink and 30 min massage upon check-in. view decks (indoor and outdoor) look out to a fabulous view. mostly greens. the de rigueur taal volcano view and some of the lake too.

they have a dream cable dish, but it seems not to work, so they have a good collection of dvd's--both hollywood and bollywood. no joke.

but the best part? breakfast in bed. le sigh. i'm such a nazi about bringing food inside the room when i am home...(i.e. "no food and colored/sweetened drinks allowed inside the sleeping, sprite is not allowed too. what? no, you can't chew") it's fun to do the opposite on weekends like these.

so thaaaat's why they call it bed and breakfast...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i confess

poor frodo...died of neglect.

i killed him. i killed him! I KEEEEELLED FRODO!!! sorry dude, for forgetting to water you this week.

and last week.

and the week before that...

i really loved your 'do when it was still green...le sigh.

Friday, September 12, 2008

ikea comes to town

anybody who has ever gotten their own place has to be a big ikea fan. the ikea nesting syndrome hits you and you find yourself looking at semi-sturdy furnitures, practical glasses and flatware, basically everything you need to establish a starter-home.

as an ikea fixture back in singapore, i had a membership card. LOL. i would spend the whole day there. back then there was only 1 branch. now i heard there's 2!

finally, someone has a store in manila selling just their products. i would seriously go on an ocular inspection soon.

while my great furniture-love is still the cantonese bench from barangbarang, ikea will always have a special place in my heart.

happy ikea-ing!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

the kiddie-cheesecake-ring myth trio

my phone cam loves cheesecake...

Cheesecakes make me happy.

If you are having a bad hair day...have a slice of cheesecake. You now have a bad hair day with a slice of cheesecake.

Having problems at work? Have a slice of cheesecake. Your work problems now come with a slice of cheesecake.

Relationship troubles? Have a slice of cheesecake… *ZAP!* your troubled relationship steps aside for cheesecake…

Cheesecake. Fatima’s assortment of cheesecakes…


To retain its mystery, I once swore never to learn how this dessert is made. EVER.

I also swore never to get married. EVER.

I also swore not to have kids. EVER.

Since I went to get my follicles monitored today, and it seems my body is responding to my meds. yay. I’m 2 days from being fertile. *DOINK* (hope the sperminator has good swimmers...)

So, I guess today would be a good day to completely unravel and…well…learn to make cheesecake. Sort of.

Humongous help from Jell-o. Best product on earth.

That giant jar of peaches from last Christmas? *BAM* you are topping my first ever cheesecake!

Knox gelatine? *Zzzzt* you will bind my pretty peach flower arrangement together.

And so…


My first cheesecake. Hope Jell-o does not fail me. I’m serving it when Jerome’s folks come over this Sunday Lunch.

Now, all my life's never-ever-chever myths are busted.
True story.

Monday, September 1, 2008

10 yoguing years

happy 50th birthday, old bird!
you will always be an inspiration to many

just realised that my 10-yr anniversary as a student of yoga has come and gone. yikes!!! how did i forget something that gave me so much?

august 18,1998. leafing through a back issue of shape magazine, the featured exercise that month was ashtanga yoga. there was the usual beginner to intermediate step by step things, etc. i decided to try this yoga thing.

it looked really easy. LOOKED.

from that day on, my journey though yoga began. i bought cd’s, books, looked up stuff online, bought rodney yee’s vcd’s. i was hooked.

it didn't hurt that ate madge (see picture above) later became a big yoga fan as well.

as mr yee likes to emphasize on his short shows, no 2 people make this journey taking the same path.

a panorama opened before me when i took classes in singapore. different teachers taught different things. it was a beautiful journey through self-awareness. that cliché—mind,body,and spirit? why do you think it’s a cliché?

you realise that it is a beautiful ancient artform. it is prayer in motion. inside the 4 sacred corners of your yoga mat, YOU are the universe.

your heartbeat and your breath are the only 2 things you focus on. nothing in the world touches you there. you are alive, and every bit of your being feels it. you feel a resounding affirmation of your own existence straight from the universe.

one of the best things a yogi taught me is a breathing technique to consciously slow down your heartbeat. sure came in handy on my first meeting with jerome’s folks over sunday lunch when we were just dating! LOL.

ten years of on and off yoguing later, what have i got to show??? aw. exaggerated flexibility does not do you any good, really. gotta get that mat out again. i don’t remember having my 20 y’s (daily yoga for 20 days in a row) since i got married. i think my clothes can attest to that too. geez. below is my personal formula of 20’s. it's simplified for the sake of quick recall.

20’s –
20 sun salutations (can be 2 varieties, 10 suns each)
2 sets of 10 poses.
20 breaths on lotus.
20 breath of life
20 breaths corpse pose.

ek. wonder if i can still do this?

Saturday, August 30, 2008


being the usisera that i am today, i was following links from pinky's blog, found myself in ipsy's blog.

i saw wordle. it's brilliant. think i could use this whenever i have a rant or leftover post-adolescent angst and don't want to be too coherent but still wanting to express what get the picture.

so let's try this post on wordle. endless mindless fun wheeeeeeeeee!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

facebookless week

i'm trying to see if lessening my facebook gaming/clicking around time would encourage more real life participation when i get home from work.

so i'm not going to log on to facebook for a week. won't check my mail either. won't make avatars for whatever reason either.

hopefully, i get to have more time to do home stuff, more time to do my volunteer work...and not be up till 4 or 5 playing various addictive games.

hope i can get to work maybe earlier than my 12 noon schedule.

this is day 3.




Saturday, August 16, 2008


less than a week since i've been reading brian gorrell's blog *click link*, it's now become a login/members only site.


no more etchos and drama about the soshaleras who grace the local magazines *click link*.

wonder how brian is doing now.

maybe he got his money back.

maybe i should go get a life.


Update: it's up again. with new layout. go team brian. :)

Click here for Brian's Blog Link

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

flashback attack

thought it's fitting to put the eheads song, pare ko. one of their first hits.

earnest z texted this morning to ask if i’d like to watch a reunion gig of the eraserheads*click link*. she was making the guest list. seems that ely b has decided to do vocals for this one-time gig again.

figured it would be fun to see her after years and years and years.

15 minutes had passed before i realised that i was staring into space with a stupid grin. i had timetravelled back to the 90’s in UP campus---the days of innocence. first dock martens…first joint… first baguio arts fest…first tattoo…first days as a vegetarian…first trip to club dredd…first bong misadventure...

it was as fun as it got, we were fearless and thought we’d live forever. those days were good. we read Buddhist teachings and our minds opened. you learned to trust and to respect life.

i’ve evolved a lot since then. i now eat meat, devour cream and stopped running. i no longer wear pekpek-shorts with green boots in baguio on our way to buy tapuy in the morning. i am married, and contemplating kids.

many 180 degree turns there, but the inner new age girl in me still espouse and delight in zen. gandhi’s philosophy, “my life is my message” still resound loudly.

it’s as if the past tapped me on the shoulder to check if my life is still in the course that a younger and more idealistic olive had charted.

i’m happy to look back and give the younger me a bearhug and tell her: “yup, i still trust life. but y’know…that living forever part?...well…first, let’s talk about gravity…”

Saturday, August 9, 2008

progesterone and i

Tomorrow at 8AM, I'm supposed to start taking progesterone.

After making a progie-run in Medical City's Mercury Drug, I realised that there is the unmistakable presence of cluelessness about this drug I'll be popping for the next 5 days. I only know it's part of Dr. Cruz-Reyes' pre-workup routine for me...

So I wiki'd it, and made a little sense of the chemical.

Progesterone exerts its action primarily through the intracellular progesterone receptor although a distinct, membrane bound progesterone receptor has also been postulated.

Progesterone has a number of physiological effects which are amplified in the presence of estrogen. Estrogen through estrogen receptors upregulates the expression of progesterone receptors.

Progesterone is sometimes called the "hormone of pregnancy",and it has many roles relating to the development of the fetus:

  • Progesterone converts the endometrium to its secretory stage to prepare the uterus for implantation. *blahblahblah*… Normal menstrual bleeding is progesterone withdrawal bleeding.
  • During implantation and gestation, progesterone appears to decrease the maternal immune response to allow for the acceptance of the pregnancy.
  • Progesterone decreases contractility of the uterine smooth muscle. In addition progesterone inhibits lactation during pregnancy. The fall in progesterone levels following delivery is one of the triggers for milk production.
  • A drop in progesterone levels is possibly one step that facilitates the onset of labor.

The fetus metabolizes placental progesterone in the production of adrenal mineralo- and glucosteroidsyadahyadahyadah

Or something like that...

*now click play below*

Friday, August 1, 2008

multiplying + facebooking

in the recent months, i've been unwinding to facebook and multiply. actively hamming it up with the former, and passively lurking in the latter.

i'm a self-confessed escapist--hence my previous posts are mostly vids from youtube, and overagonizing my decision to put this blog on my multiply account.

not sure how comfortable i'd be if people apart from my...oh, say... seven readers (i think, hehehe) actually started to read my blog.

how comfortable would it be if people you are (possibly) only vaguely acquainted with actually get a peek up your mental panties?

to post or not to post...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the john cusack project


a tribute to my eternal crush, lloyd dobler-john cusack.

wait for the credits and mr. hardcore guy. hehehe


Sunday, July 13, 2008


the past week, jerome discovered
2-firefox's download plug-in
3-a converting freeware i've installed off cnet

he's been having fun tubing and downloading and converting and all of that.

it's fun to watch him with his new toys. teehee. he gets all excited when he finds a supposedly hard to find song or video--"holy cr*p, they got *insert obscure cancelled show here*...

i'm inspired to make a compilation of my top 10 favorite tv moments.

jennifer garner. not easy to forget.

dexter finds a body with no blood. cutting edge technique. pun intended.

hiro kills sylar on season 1. yatta!!! memorable because season 2 was a snooze after this episode.

7-sports night
"you're smoky"... funny. sexy. smart. honest.

6-ugly betty
marc as betty. classic. let's face it, we all have someone at work we want to secretly dress up as during holloween.

5-sex and the city
samantha having a hot flash. seriously, the series addressing breast cancer helped ease my own anxieties when my sister was battling her breast ca. i knew she would be ok.

4-will and grace
hahahahaahahahahahaha...hilarious. always gets me.

my favorite episode. scary as hell to wake up this way. so quentin. so kill bill. freaky.

2-studio 60 on the sunset strip
watch the first few seconds. the greatest line ever delivered on tv: "if you wanna run i understand, but you better have a good head start, cause i'm coming for you, jordan." every chiope guy will rejoice and weep.

and finally...

1-queer as folk
justin's prom night. beautiful. romantic. sweet. i'm a fag hag. whatyougonnado? hahaha...but really. one of the series' best moments. classic brian kinney.

Friday, June 13, 2008

aerosmith and 2 movies

playlist contains 2 songs.

this is a long overdue post on aerosmith *click link*.

always loved these guys. first time i saw them was on this very bad movie called sgt. peppers lonely hearts *click link*. a beatles tribute film released 1978. it was a massively bad movie by today's standards, but the songs were beatles songs. so who cares?

that means i was about 7 when i first saw steven tyler with (my sister's observation) his uncanny ability to form a perfect square via the quintessential rock and roll sneer. i thought the song was the coolest thing i ever heard. it was my first taste of the bad boy mystique. and it was curiously delicious.

they played the FVB or future villains band, covering the song come together. beatles *click link* and aerosmith fans still argue (to this day, swear to god) about which version is better.

one of the movie's best moments i remember was sandy farina's cover version of strawberry fields (see player above). it's one of the sweetest songs-- delivered with such wistful innocence, you can't help but embed hope in your heart like there's no tomorrow.

below is a vid of steven tyler in his emo-rock genre best, i don't wanna miss a thing. ff to the 90's--he's now on the mv of a box-office hit, armageddon. et voila! now a grandaddy but still pulling all sorts of heartstrings.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

my father's days

taken by terry uy on my wedding day.
putting on deodorant here. (wa-poise!):P

as a kid, i always tried to run off after kissing my father's cheek. but he'd always catch my chubby arm and say it's his turn. i'd scrunch up my face to collect his kiss.

his stubbles were rather itchy against a soft kiddie cheek. then he'd imitate my expression comically to make me laugh.

2 weeks ago, he gave me that exact expression one last time and looked sadly up at me from his hospital bed.

2 years ago, he was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. he still went about his busy routine, meeting friends, various civic oriented organizations' meetings, etc. he stopped only when his aches took over his days and nights.

he was feisty to the end. some of his last lucid words to me were: "don't put that cream stuff on my face again." (i'd been putting cetaphil cream on his face to prevent his sundamaged skin from flaking and itching.)

to many of my cousins, he is papa eng. to many of them he was also a father figure; giving love and guidance liberally. unwittingly leaving a legacy of his best qualities to my cousins.

he taught me and my siblings about fairplay, responsibility, optimism, generosity of one's spirit, and integrity.

people's voices broke when they tell us he was a good man. they told us about a man whose unshakeable integrity and goodwill had touched their lives.

every hand we shook, every kind word or story, every hug (awkward or otherwise) during his wake, is testimony to the kind of goodness he inspired.

i carry with me his values, his love, and his blood. i also carry with me the responsibility to live my life in a way that would do his memory justice.

tall order. but i am his kid, no? ;)

eulogy given by my brother, dr. leonard khu:

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. In behalf of our family, please allow me to express our gratitude to all of you for the overwhelming support and sympathy you have extended to us. Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things we can go through. No words can express what I am feeling right now and I can only hope that time will ease the family’s pain.

Allow me to tell you some experiences I had with my father. I hope this will remind you of other things about this person who was father and friend not just to me, but many others.

A year before my father was diagnosed with prostatic cancer, we were in China for an Oro Chamber Cultural and Economic Mission. It involved meeting with Chinese government and trade officials and visiting the tourist attractions. Climbing to the top of the Great Wall is not easy, especially for someone with a heart condition like my father, but he persevered until the finish line.

It was also during this trip when I had the rare chance to see him cry. We went to his hometown in Xiamen. He showed me the house where he was born and introduced me to his remaining relatives there. We brought flowers to the cemetery where his mother was buried 60 years ago. It was raining and the cemetery was overgrown with weeds. My father and I searched and looked for my grandmother’s grave in the rain and ankle-deep mud. After searching for an hour in the blinding rain, we had to give up. We left flowers in an unmarked grave, and went home. During the trip back, I saw tears falling down his cheeks as he could not find his mother’s grave and keep his promise to himself of finally relocating it. This was how important his family was for him.

My father was a naughty 11-year old immigrant who came to the Philippines after his own mother died. He was sent by my grandfather to the town of Ampinican with his fellow immigrant Inciong where he stayed for a year before he was finally integrated into his new family in Balingasag. And integrate he did. Over the years, my titos and titas have considered my father as one of their own.

Perhaps fostering better ties between Filipinos and Chinese was his mission in life. He had devoted much of his retirement years working for the improved relationships between the Chinese and local Filipino community as evidenced by his membership and leadership in most of the city’s Tsinoy civic organizations. He strove hard to leave his beloved city a better place for everyone.

One lesson in life that he imparted to me was that one has to be fair and just to all. Maybe that’s one reason he had become the unofficial patriarch of the Khu family. He was always there to mediate on sibling squabbles, and also to act as a substitute parent during pamanhikan. He always tried to have a solution to every problem and always had his ways of making complex things simple.

He showed strength until the very end. I hope that I can continue what my father has started. Let’s just remember everything that my father shared with us and be happy that he has finally gone home to our creator.

Lastly, I would like to thank some people who took care of my father during his illness. He had a topnotch medical team. Dr. Gigi Tiro was his oncologist who took a holistic approach to his illness. Dr. Laureano Ledres, his pain specialist, helped lessen the pain coming from the cancer invading his bones. I would also like to thank Dr. Andutan and Dr. Cordovez, his urologists and Dr. Twinkle Serina his anesthesiologist; Dr. Derick Monsalud his radiation oncologist; Dr. Rene Alagadan, his cardiologist; Dr. Pagdilao his rehab doctor; Dr. Adonis Agcopra, his neurologist; Dr. Miguel de Leon for operating on his eyes and donating his own blood twice, the 2 instances he had heart surgery, in 1993 and 1996; the physical therapists of Ortho Rehab Institute and the nursing staff of CUMC.

Special mention goes to my Tita Thelma Khu-Sarmiento, the dentist, who visited my father every single night at the hospital during his month-long admission. The last but not the least is his driver Jose. He not only drove for him but was his most trusted caregiver.

As Leonardo da Vinci said, “As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well-used brings happy death”

Thank you and good day.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

karmann ghia

i dedicate this entry to all karmann ghia lovers in the world.

Monday, May 5, 2008

faith in the land of oz

hottima is the nickname i gave faith/pet/fatima to preempt her inner hottie resurrection.

faith is one of my best friends since college. part of the 3 blind mice (nelson, pet & i never had much sense of direction...and we love travelling together).

early april of this year, pet left for australia to continue her life adventures. i miss her some kind of awful. most specially her cheesecake and truffles. heehee...she spoiled our palates for these two things!

i'm antedating this post so i can wish her a happy birthday again. ;)

hey hottima, happy birthday. remember fdc, okay? never settle.

to quote 2 of my all time favorite lines:
1-may the force be with you.
2-don't do anything i wouldn't.

see u in our virgin tour at the latest! but hope i can see you sooner.

our blind mice motto should be: you are never lost if you don't mind where you are!

all the best, hottima!

Monday, April 28, 2008

ulebmojo:est. 1995

a clip from aaron sorkin's sports night (1998)
*click above name and title to see links*
here dana (felicity huffman) makes one of series' famous passionate rants.

my colleague does a little dance, all worked up and animated over a new show.

yes, it's just another fx show.
no, he is not a fresh grad.

he has been in the visual effects industry for 13 years. all these years with abs-cbn.


coming home from 2.5 years in singapore, i was told by everyone in postproduction industry to do freelance as they won't be able to afford me fulltime.

i laid low for a while. it was a good time to goof off a bit with pet and nels in quttlefish. i also felt the need to explore another discipline that i constantly flirt with: graphic design.

i stayed with graphic design for 3 years, 2003-2006. it is a fun discipline-- but always, always, i knew that i was in professional purgatory. my heart did not beat for it. it was not digital effects.

singapore had left me jaded, burned out, and whatever it was, i had ceased to grow. and i paid the price.


fast forward to 2006.

i remember my first week in ipost. they have put the "new" girl on night shift. (nights still throw me off a bit these days...i'm not 24 anymore, yeah?)

this was the week after jerome's throat operation *click here for reference entry* . i had close to a week of minimalistic hospital style sleep.

i'd work nights in q.c., take the train home to elena in malate, pack 1 to 2 boxes before i pass out to dreamland (we were moving then, too. *click here for reference entry*)

late afternoons i'd wake up, pack a little more
i am a packingnazi. i do not like boxes that rattle...

after a quick shower, it's trains going to qc again before 10 pm. after a 12 hr night of holding a mouse and a wacom pen, one's idea of heaven is simple, the holy trinity:

1-hot meal
2-a bath
3-a soft bed.


so last week i looked up from the magical garden/island i was doing to see my colleague all excited.

his whole career age is higher than mine. but he had a twinkle in his eye that i see on the mirror each day.

this is us. it's not dreamworks, not the ranch, but hey...this is what we do.

i got my mojo back.

yeah baby.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

flipping and flopping

my feet are more embarrassed than toes just curled in when i took this pic.

Note to self: check flipflops to make sure they match...before reaching the office.

the mismatched flipflops i was sporting was discovered by my officemate around 3 in the afternoon. that's after lunch, after a long walk to and around shangrila mall that morning, after taking the mrt, after riding a trike, after a long coffee chat...y'know, after all the usual things you do when there isn't much going on at work...

i suppose it should've been embarrassing.

but it was stupid funny.

it also gave me an excuse to finally get a pair of chucks on sale.

strangely, on my way home, i passed by the store i bought the shoes from, and the salesgirl chased after me to tell me that the chucks she gave me were not the same size.

true enough, one was 7Male, and the other was 5 1/2 Male. what an odd day.

hee heeh eeee

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

5 months later--birthday sloth

today is my birthday. i am on birthday leave. i'm vegging out at home. it's 4 pm and i'm still in my sleeping clothes.

hehehe... life is good.

i should be blogging about the last 5 months, maybe writing some sensible, or sensitive stuff...



Monday, January 7, 2008

christmas 2007:milestone moments

dec. 25

0900 hrs
jerome kisses goodbye as i check into the domestic airport to make my annual holiday trip to CDO.

cebu pacific announces our flight is delayed to 4pm

all passengers on my flight are strapped inside the aircraft.

captain announces our flight is cancelled. we deplane. i am patient. *milestone moment!!!*

i get my luggage. Jerome brings me to his mom's place.

first christmas dinner with the garcias (sans an overseas joel).
*milestone moment!!!*

dec. 26

0000 hrs
ta-dah! jelom's birthday! his first birthday as husbandman!
*milestone moment!!!*

i fly home.

discovering that my luggage took a little road trip elsewhere.

throw a hissy fit at the cdo airport. *milestone moment!!! somebody broke my cool*

fill up some forms for them to trace luggage and leave.

i make a uturn and threaten them with title "worst airline of the year". oi. i'm a liar. *milestone moment!!! never threatened anyone before 10am before. very sad.*

dec. 28

my luggage decides to reuinite with me. the politically correct-looking suitcase had been to bacolod, the little roadwhore!

dec. 30-31

jelom joins me in cdo. we spent new year's eve in mallberry hotel watching tv and holding hands.
first new year as legal couple.
*milestone moment!!!*

jan. 02

jelom buys me a phone. it comes with a free...*drumroll* ...suitcase!

true story.

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