Monday, January 7, 2008

christmas 2007:milestone moments

dec. 25

0900 hrs
jerome kisses goodbye as i check into the domestic airport to make my annual holiday trip to CDO.

cebu pacific announces our flight is delayed to 4pm

all passengers on my flight are strapped inside the aircraft.

captain announces our flight is cancelled. we deplane. i am patient. *milestone moment!!!*

i get my luggage. Jerome brings me to his mom's place.

first christmas dinner with the garcias (sans an overseas joel).
*milestone moment!!!*

dec. 26

0000 hrs
ta-dah! jelom's birthday! his first birthday as husbandman!
*milestone moment!!!*

i fly home.

discovering that my luggage took a little road trip elsewhere.

throw a hissy fit at the cdo airport. *milestone moment!!! somebody broke my cool*

fill up some forms for them to trace luggage and leave.

i make a uturn and threaten them with title "worst airline of the year". oi. i'm a liar. *milestone moment!!! never threatened anyone before 10am before. very sad.*

dec. 28

my luggage decides to reuinite with me. the politically correct-looking suitcase had been to bacolod, the little roadwhore!

dec. 30-31

jelom joins me in cdo. we spent new year's eve in mallberry hotel watching tv and holding hands.
first new year as legal couple.
*milestone moment!!!*

jan. 02

jelom buys me a phone. it comes with a free...*drumroll* ...suitcase!

true story.

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