Monday, April 28, 2008

ulebmojo:est. 1995

a clip from aaron sorkin's sports night (1998)
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here dana (felicity huffman) makes one of series' famous passionate rants.

my colleague does a little dance, all worked up and animated over a new show.

yes, it's just another fx show.
no, he is not a fresh grad.

he has been in the visual effects industry for 13 years. all these years with abs-cbn.


coming home from 2.5 years in singapore, i was told by everyone in postproduction industry to do freelance as they won't be able to afford me fulltime.

i laid low for a while. it was a good time to goof off a bit with pet and nels in quttlefish. i also felt the need to explore another discipline that i constantly flirt with: graphic design.

i stayed with graphic design for 3 years, 2003-2006. it is a fun discipline-- but always, always, i knew that i was in professional purgatory. my heart did not beat for it. it was not digital effects.

singapore had left me jaded, burned out, and whatever it was, i had ceased to grow. and i paid the price.


fast forward to 2006.

i remember my first week in ipost. they have put the "new" girl on night shift. (nights still throw me off a bit these days...i'm not 24 anymore, yeah?)

this was the week after jerome's throat operation *click here for reference entry* . i had close to a week of minimalistic hospital style sleep.

i'd work nights in q.c., take the train home to elena in malate, pack 1 to 2 boxes before i pass out to dreamland (we were moving then, too. *click here for reference entry*)

late afternoons i'd wake up, pack a little more
i am a packingnazi. i do not like boxes that rattle...

after a quick shower, it's trains going to qc again before 10 pm. after a 12 hr night of holding a mouse and a wacom pen, one's idea of heaven is simple, the holy trinity:

1-hot meal
2-a bath
3-a soft bed.


so last week i looked up from the magical garden/island i was doing to see my colleague all excited.

his whole career age is higher than mine. but he had a twinkle in his eye that i see on the mirror each day.

this is us. it's not dreamworks, not the ranch, but hey...this is what we do.

i got my mojo back.

yeah baby.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

flipping and flopping

my feet are more embarrassed than toes just curled in when i took this pic.

Note to self: check flipflops to make sure they match...before reaching the office.

the mismatched flipflops i was sporting was discovered by my officemate around 3 in the afternoon. that's after lunch, after a long walk to and around shangrila mall that morning, after taking the mrt, after riding a trike, after a long coffee chat...y'know, after all the usual things you do when there isn't much going on at work...

i suppose it should've been embarrassing.

but it was stupid funny.

it also gave me an excuse to finally get a pair of chucks on sale.

strangely, on my way home, i passed by the store i bought the shoes from, and the salesgirl chased after me to tell me that the chucks she gave me were not the same size.

true enough, one was 7Male, and the other was 5 1/2 Male. what an odd day.

hee heeh eeee

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

5 months later--birthday sloth

today is my birthday. i am on birthday leave. i'm vegging out at home. it's 4 pm and i'm still in my sleeping clothes.

hehehe... life is good.

i should be blogging about the last 5 months, maybe writing some sensible, or sensitive stuff...



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