Wednesday, May 7, 2008

karmann ghia

i dedicate this entry to all karmann ghia lovers in the world.

Monday, May 5, 2008

faith in the land of oz

hottima is the nickname i gave faith/pet/fatima to preempt her inner hottie resurrection.

faith is one of my best friends since college. part of the 3 blind mice (nelson, pet & i never had much sense of direction...and we love travelling together).

early april of this year, pet left for australia to continue her life adventures. i miss her some kind of awful. most specially her cheesecake and truffles. heehee...she spoiled our palates for these two things!

i'm antedating this post so i can wish her a happy birthday again. ;)

hey hottima, happy birthday. remember fdc, okay? never settle.

to quote 2 of my all time favorite lines:
1-may the force be with you.
2-don't do anything i wouldn't.

see u in our virgin tour at the latest! but hope i can see you sooner.

our blind mice motto should be: you are never lost if you don't mind where you are!

all the best, hottima!
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