Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the john cusack project


a tribute to my eternal crush, lloyd dobler-john cusack.

wait for the credits and mr. hardcore guy. hehehe


Sunday, July 13, 2008


the past week, jerome discovered
2-firefox's download plug-in
3-a converting freeware i've installed off cnet

he's been having fun tubing and downloading and converting and all of that.

it's fun to watch him with his new toys. teehee. he gets all excited when he finds a supposedly hard to find song or video--"holy cr*p, they got *insert obscure cancelled show here*...

i'm inspired to make a compilation of my top 10 favorite tv moments.

jennifer garner. not easy to forget.

dexter finds a body with no blood. cutting edge technique. pun intended.

hiro kills sylar on season 1. yatta!!! memorable because season 2 was a snooze after this episode.

7-sports night
"you're smoky"... funny. sexy. smart. honest.

6-ugly betty
marc as betty. classic. let's face it, we all have someone at work we want to secretly dress up as during holloween.

5-sex and the city
samantha having a hot flash. seriously, the series addressing breast cancer helped ease my own anxieties when my sister was battling her breast ca. i knew she would be ok.

4-will and grace
hahahahaahahahahahaha...hilarious. always gets me.

my favorite episode. scary as hell to wake up this way. so quentin. so kill bill. freaky.

2-studio 60 on the sunset strip
watch the first few seconds. the greatest line ever delivered on tv: "if you wanna run i understand, but you better have a good head start, cause i'm coming for you, jordan." every chiope guy will rejoice and weep.

and finally...

1-queer as folk
justin's prom night. beautiful. romantic. sweet. i'm a fag hag. whatyougonnado? hahaha...but really. one of the series' best moments. classic brian kinney.
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