Wednesday, September 24, 2008


in 5 days, i will know if i too have a parasite.

relaxed is my middle name. i don't think i have a parasite (or two) just yet.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

weekend in tagaytay

photos taken on my phone

had a fun weekend in tagaytay. stayed in a boutique hotel/BB called andanita taj*click link*.

loved the place.

we stayed in their casablanca room. the asparagus detail on the ceiling had me at "hello". but that's only second to the painting detail around the toilet paper holder (see photo below). LOL.

food was good indian. kitchen and wifi are 24 hrs.

you get a welcome drink and 30 min massage upon check-in. view decks (indoor and outdoor) look out to a fabulous view. mostly greens. the de rigueur taal volcano view and some of the lake too.

they have a dream cable dish, but it seems not to work, so they have a good collection of dvd's--both hollywood and bollywood. no joke.

but the best part? breakfast in bed. le sigh. i'm such a nazi about bringing food inside the room when i am home...(i.e. "no food and colored/sweetened drinks allowed inside the sleeping, sprite is not allowed too. what? no, you can't chew") it's fun to do the opposite on weekends like these.

so thaaaat's why they call it bed and breakfast...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i confess

poor frodo...died of neglect.

i killed him. i killed him! I KEEEEELLED FRODO!!! sorry dude, for forgetting to water you this week.

and last week.

and the week before that...

i really loved your 'do when it was still green...le sigh.

Friday, September 12, 2008

ikea comes to town

anybody who has ever gotten their own place has to be a big ikea fan. the ikea nesting syndrome hits you and you find yourself looking at semi-sturdy furnitures, practical glasses and flatware, basically everything you need to establish a starter-home.

as an ikea fixture back in singapore, i had a membership card. LOL. i would spend the whole day there. back then there was only 1 branch. now i heard there's 2!

finally, someone has a store in manila selling just their products. i would seriously go on an ocular inspection soon.

while my great furniture-love is still the cantonese bench from barangbarang, ikea will always have a special place in my heart.

happy ikea-ing!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

the kiddie-cheesecake-ring myth trio

my phone cam loves cheesecake...

Cheesecakes make me happy.

If you are having a bad hair day...have a slice of cheesecake. You now have a bad hair day with a slice of cheesecake.

Having problems at work? Have a slice of cheesecake. Your work problems now come with a slice of cheesecake.

Relationship troubles? Have a slice of cheesecake… *ZAP!* your troubled relationship steps aside for cheesecake…

Cheesecake. Fatima’s assortment of cheesecakes…


To retain its mystery, I once swore never to learn how this dessert is made. EVER.

I also swore never to get married. EVER.

I also swore not to have kids. EVER.

Since I went to get my follicles monitored today, and it seems my body is responding to my meds. yay. I’m 2 days from being fertile. *DOINK* (hope the sperminator has good swimmers...)

So, I guess today would be a good day to completely unravel and…well…learn to make cheesecake. Sort of.

Humongous help from Jell-o. Best product on earth.

That giant jar of peaches from last Christmas? *BAM* you are topping my first ever cheesecake!

Knox gelatine? *Zzzzt* you will bind my pretty peach flower arrangement together.

And so…


My first cheesecake. Hope Jell-o does not fail me. I’m serving it when Jerome’s folks come over this Sunday Lunch.

Now, all my life's never-ever-chever myths are busted.
True story.

Monday, September 1, 2008

10 yoguing years

happy 50th birthday, old bird!
you will always be an inspiration to many

just realised that my 10-yr anniversary as a student of yoga has come and gone. yikes!!! how did i forget something that gave me so much?

august 18,1998. leafing through a back issue of shape magazine, the featured exercise that month was ashtanga yoga. there was the usual beginner to intermediate step by step things, etc. i decided to try this yoga thing.

it looked really easy. LOOKED.

from that day on, my journey though yoga began. i bought cd’s, books, looked up stuff online, bought rodney yee’s vcd’s. i was hooked.

it didn't hurt that ate madge (see picture above) later became a big yoga fan as well.

as mr yee likes to emphasize on his short shows, no 2 people make this journey taking the same path.

a panorama opened before me when i took classes in singapore. different teachers taught different things. it was a beautiful journey through self-awareness. that cliché—mind,body,and spirit? why do you think it’s a cliché?

you realise that it is a beautiful ancient artform. it is prayer in motion. inside the 4 sacred corners of your yoga mat, YOU are the universe.

your heartbeat and your breath are the only 2 things you focus on. nothing in the world touches you there. you are alive, and every bit of your being feels it. you feel a resounding affirmation of your own existence straight from the universe.

one of the best things a yogi taught me is a breathing technique to consciously slow down your heartbeat. sure came in handy on my first meeting with jerome’s folks over sunday lunch when we were just dating! LOL.

ten years of on and off yoguing later, what have i got to show??? aw. exaggerated flexibility does not do you any good, really. gotta get that mat out again. i don’t remember having my 20 y’s (daily yoga for 20 days in a row) since i got married. i think my clothes can attest to that too. geez. below is my personal formula of 20’s. it's simplified for the sake of quick recall.

20’s –
20 sun salutations (can be 2 varieties, 10 suns each)
2 sets of 10 poses.
20 breaths on lotus.
20 breath of life
20 breaths corpse pose.

ek. wonder if i can still do this?
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