Wednesday, October 29, 2008

bed, bitching, & baby

daddy j + generic asian baby (me) in our rugrat years.

who knew you need to slow plenty down when you get pregnant? you can't go around with a full sched anymore. no walking around for 6-7 hours or so; rest stop in between or not.

i spent the whole of last week, doing what (for me) was always just an urban legend--the much whispered, but seldom discussed pregnancy's total bed rest. *tadah!*

this rest (along with a strict duvadilan regimen) was recommended by my ob-gyne. i texted dr. c. cruz-reyes after some cramps on sunday night.

initially resisting, and generally pissed off with myself and the situation, i haggled with my doctor to make the bedrest a 3-day affair. she gave her reluctant nod with strict instructions that should there be contractions again by tuesday or wednesday, 7 days bedrest will be non-negotiable.

since i start getting hungry at 7 am (strange new habit: the morning fruit fix) then every 3 hours after that, i decided to park myself in the living room sofa. that way, i can eat while staying horizontal most of the time.

jerome's mom sent her maids daily to come and help me with household chores and errands, etc. i had them buy the fruits i have been meaning to get but somehow, never had the time to buy.

my sister, my mom and my godmother, came to see me. they brought what i call chinese love--COOKED FOOD! about 2 weeks worth of meals for jerome and i.

by wednesday, i was still feeling some funny stuff, so i took the whole week off. that was also after my sister threatened me with the possibility of being confined even much longer if things get worse.

still a little resistant, but trying to be obedient, i called abbie who is also on her first trimester, and also doing bed rest for colds and cough. she's a doctor, and jerome fondly calls her my cosmic twin.

she must have caught the faintest whiff of my resentment at being confined to bedrest. she patiently explained the things about bed rest to me.

the most valuable thing abbie said to me turns out to be: the bedrest is not for you. it's for the baby.

that ended all my little drama queen antics on the spot.

in my self-absorption, in the midst of all the hormonal changes and insanity this body is being subjected to, i have forgotten the most basic point of being pregnant... to bring a child into this world. duh.

that exact moment, when i got over myself, and started to focus on the baby, everything became easy.

i sighed and leaned back. rubbing my belly, i started to send the baby my good vibes of love, peace, happiness, and my sense of wonder.

in turn, the little one made me start hearing frank sinatra, dusty springfield, nora jones, and some other oldies in my head every morning like a "first song syndrome". think this baby is an old soul. lol.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

in loving memory

sarah mclachlan--angel

this year has been a year of many departures.

1- jerome's tita marilyn passed on last week
2- also intered in bulacan now is one of my mother-in-law's favorite uncles, tito cyr santiago
3- tito kit (dondi's dad) went last month
4- a couple of months before that, a member of jerome's family household, mang bert
5- last june, one of ipost vfx group's favorite directors, manong gilbert also passed away.
6- last may, my dad went.

i know many folks who also said goodbye to their loved ones this year. it has been rough on everyone.

we are sad about their passing, once more reminded of how important it is to live fully.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


just to be sure, i used all 3 test strips.
they all seem to agree that i'm pregnant. tee hee.

it seems i do have a parasite (or two). jerome finds it offensive that i call them this. it's just easier to refer to them as such since it's yet too early to hear the heartbeat/s. and i'm not supposed to make announcements until the 13th week.

until then, i talk to my belly and go:
"c'mon kids! we're going to take the elevator."

sometimes, it's:
"cover your ears kids, mommy said a baaaadd word, you should never call people s---"
(rhymes with 'but')

and very often:
"okay kids, you win! mommy will stuff her face."

until october 15th, when i am scheduled to have ultrasound again, i can only tell them:
"hang in there kids! let's make you can stop looking like a bunch of cells soon and start looking like daddy..."
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