Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the mothership

this is my formula for early indoctrination:

"test...test 1, 2...* modulate your voice and speak directly to your belly. 

"kung pao (or any baby nickname you use), this is your mothership speaking. i am your portal to this world. you must always always listen to me, because i am always gonna be right. you can also call me mommy. wwwoooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeooooooooaaaaoooooooooaaaaaeeeeeehhhh..."

note: make the last bit sound like a spaceship in 70's movies. 

jerome caught me doing this once and told me to stop freaking the kid out.

i disagree. me and kung pao are just hangin'.  

Monday, November 10, 2008

nothing going on

in my enthusiastic belly protrudes in a pregnant-lady-way.

but in reality, it's really nothing great yet.

a lot of non-pregnant women and men have got bigger and brighter looking bellies than mine. some look very much like second trimester bellies.

so, if i take the mrt, people would basically tell me to go fuck myself, i'm not getting a seat, i'm just fat like everyone else.

as my expanding waistline makes me start looking into maternity clothes---gingersnaps completely turned me off.

my theory is that the designers and owners are people who believe pregnant women should dress like infants because of the odd proportions they now sport.
make pregnant women wear lace, puff sleeves, and ruffles...yay!!!

yuck! it's enough to trigger one's morning sickness. (luckily, i don't get that, thanks to multivitamins i have been downing for years. yeah i'm unapologetically smug about means i do have some good habits!)

i'm partial to bohemian/flowerchild styles. the clothes that flow with you, celebrate with you, and smile with you.

surely, in this season of bazaars i can find some.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

new day

i'm not a fan of the u.s. of a.

i'm from u.p.
, which means i either dislike the country blindly or want to move there. i have no ambitions of moving there.

today, americans wake up to a brave new world.

obama wins. good on ya, mr. barack obama. i hope you can save the world.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the amazing race asia 3

two more days to the next tara3. can't wait. :)

based on the fact that last season's winners, sg's colin (my bodypump instructor way back when! yay!) and adrian were the endorsers of sony videocams...i'd say this year's winners are the honkie boyfriends, sam & vince by virtue of them being the only team to have the same endorsements.

hehehe. i think sam looks like my friend eddy. (only eddy looks a whole lot better.) both vince and sam are likeable enough, and they can bitch at each other like an old married couple. adorable.

a.d. & fuzzie, funky lezzies. poised because these two ladies take themselves much too seriously to make any attempts at undignified sprints...they amble along. but they are still in the game.henry & bernie--sad to see this brother/sister team go!!! they are just so cute. with henry in his disco vest emblazoned with "bimbo", and sister bernie all sporty and sweet at the same time. i really liked this team's dynamic.
my favorite team, ida & tania! the heiress and the actress, both fun, pretty, and gutsy. everybody loves loves and just loves their energy. they have fun, and make amazing race very very cool. dunno if anyone else notices the duo somehow manages to be sipping softdrinks while inside a jeep on a hell-hot day, or that they mange somehow to get the nice luxurious bus... they are just fabulous.
and finally--team philippines, tisha & geoff. okay...i don't even know where to begin. at least this team play the villains, so they won't get eliminated easily. it's amusing to count the number of obnoxious and rude/crude/ignorant things short-tempered geoff does every episode. but it's another thing to watch out for the abuse-of-the-day he would heap on beauty queen, fhm-posing , doormat-impersonating tisha.

okay, i will say something nice. she defends her man and takes offense as 5 complete and total strangers from several different countries point out that her man was an asshole/jerk. only they were using polite euphemisms. so she is loyal.

she is really NICE. remember though, that "nice" is a four-letter word.

go team philippines. yay.

i still think sam & vince won.
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