Thursday, January 29, 2009

mothership 101

my top3 reference materials

a friend once told me she was pursuing becoming a single mom because motherhood was natural and biological, whereas being a wife is man-made and contrived.

as a relative newbie, being pregnant is an alien thing, interesting...but still strange.

so my 3 favorites reading materials about this are here. they are my top 3 because these are the only 3 i have read. ;P

what to expect when you're expecting--
first chapter made me want to pull out all my hair. it was the most boring, unengaging, textbook-like literature whatever thing i had to plow through. but the following ones with illustrations, symptoms, and more info on your strange new condition becomes relatable. now it's the official go-to book at home. i use the glossary/index like an encyclopedia.

baby love-- very intimate. its short title blurb on the cover says it all: "choosing motherhood after a lifetime of ambivalence" one of the lines in the book says: "i feel as if the self i knew is fading away, and i have no idea who is coming to take her place." it's not all reflections, she takes us through her pregnancy from top all the way to her son's birth. you relate to her emotional wobbles during pregnancy.

skinny bitch, bun in the oven-- it's helpful, cheeky and realistic. but it messes you up if you are a meat eater. seriously. the original skinny bitch book is said to contain similar diet recommendations. but this one has insights and practical advice that extend all the way to after giving birth.
a chapter title reads: "the companies you trust don't care about your children"
on letting the baby-daddy be a dad: "...let him be a dad...he's the only other person on the planet who'll listen to your boring monologues about how special and beautiful and precious your baby jesus is."
on what makes a m.i.l.f.: "a woman who overvalues her appearance is a bimbo...mother or not." and "nurturing...needs and interests will make you a better mom...she never asked you to become a single-minded, lame-ass bore."

so now back to my sims2 castaway game. i need to move that stone so i can get to the other beach...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

List of lists

2009 goals:

1. be earth-friendlier and save the planet everyday
2. minimum 3x/ week workout ( pregnant or not!)
3. make weekly food plan to include 5-6 servings of fruits + veggies daily
4. stop worrying and trust life more
5. keep positive AT ALL TIMES
6. 120 work hours average every payday
7. look into doing post-prod work again
8. drive with license
9. create a twice-monthly saving habit
10. research and learn technicalities on child rearing
11. zero out credit card and cancel it
12. finally organise wedding photos!

I’m one of those people who adore lists. If there’s a shirt that says “I heart lists”, I’d wear it, and that would be the gospel truth.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, or disorganized, sit down for a couple of minutes and make your “To-do list”. Break down the things to suitable categories and tick them off one by one as you achieve them…and you get your “Ta-dah! list”.

List everything from the most mundane and humble, all the way to the most lofty and ambitious. I believe that writing items down will help you focus and visualize their accomplishment a little easier.

So far, here are some of the items I have on current lists:

1. 2009 goals
2. grocery list
3. household to-do list
4. papers and legal stuff to do list
5. baby things list
6. financial projection for Q1 & 2
7. wish list
8. weekly food plan
9. prospective homes contact list
10. restructured career goals/path 2009-2011
11. research topics list
12. laundry list
13. list of lists

Friday, January 9, 2009

hello 2009

happy new year everyone!

2008 is gone!!! yay! hello 2009!

despite the many people it took from us, 2008 was not a total sonovabitch. it did bring me kungpao *click here*, and made my sister fine *click here*.

2009 would most likely be fun. hoping all goes well--then i'll be a proper mommy. a friend assured me it's not as intimidating as people think...just treat your kids like very intelligent pets and you'll be fine.

we'll also be moving to a new place middle this year, one that can accommodate our expanded nuclear family unit (will soon include a brand new offspring!!!)

with the world's economic climate going to begins to doubt the wisdom of bringing a kid into this world...but then again: fuck that. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMETHING.

still fixing 2009 goals at this time. will post them next.
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