Tuesday, March 24, 2009

week 30

tomorrow will be the 30th week of our pregnancy. 10 more weeks to go.

just saw myself reflected on glass as i crossed the street a few minutes ago. i now have a full-on no-nonsense waddle. i feel like a penguin.

we'll be attending chiqui brosas' prepared childbirth classes starting sunday.

classes start at the unholy hour of 9am!

omg. and so sleep deprivation starts here?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

10 year alien song

never gets old *lol*

it's been 10 years since good ol' vic did this. it's now considered a cult classic.

Friday, March 13, 2009

belly belt

just got this contraption called a bellybelt *click link* from crossings' *click link* procreation. it was the last box in the store consigned by mommy matters *click link*.

it's really clever. if i'd bought it early in my pregnancy, my php1,100 would have come a long way.

i have been missing my mini skirt, and my favorite cargo pants...now i can wear them again. *clap clap clap*

in manila, they're also available online (click below for links):

indigo baby
mommy matters

Sunday, March 8, 2009

movie night: watchmen

watchmen is one of those movies you either hate or love. running at 2.5 hrs., i summarize it in the immortal copy of an 80's purefoods hotdog *click link* commercial:

"very long, very nice".

why it reminds me of that commercial? 2 words:

having only heard a vague reference to a character named rorschach *click link* from hagee back in the 90's, i have never read this particular limited series of graphic novels *click link* before.

this, for me is a good thing. so there is no temptation to fall into the trap of unfair and unreasonable comparison between 2 different mediums: film vs. paper. no matter how tempting... since the film obviously had a storyboard reminiscent, if not lifted from its graphic novel brother.

just like sin city *click link* and 300 *click link*, typical of a frank miller/zack snyder collaboration of sorts, the whole film noir feel dares you to freeze at any point in the film, so you may find a beautifully composed and executed picture.

rumor had it john cussack wanted to play night owl (resident nice guy), but i'm glad he didn't. i find the cast's blend of relative anonymity/nonobscurity just right.

surprise sparkle came from malin akerman *click link* who plays silk spectre 2. you see her as a blonde in previous films heartbreak kid *click link*, and 27 dresses *click link*. here she looks like she was born to play a brunette superhero in latex.

another universal favorite is rorschach played by jackie earle haley *click link*. rorschach is a fierce little bugger who talks like christian bale's batman...only you can understand this guy. you'll love him and his fascinating mask; lovelovelove the inkblots. (note to self: must remember to look up the making of effects)

the only setback one may see is that, other than doc manhattan, our heroes have no superpowers. just a bunch of adrenalin junkies with unnatural courage, grace, athleticism, resources, and strength. not a bad thing, really.

but overall, you'll come out feeling like your visual palate had a delicious meal.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

caution: TMI undies

my newest favorite panty--wonder woman from topshop! *ta-dah*

i'm a huge fan of cheeky undies. buying new WW panties made me realize this.

once upon a time, i had panties that were printed with a thousand little "no!" signs, but it's also got invisible but glow in the dark little "yes!" signs. it ended up burned by a lamp. dumb bet. long story. don't ask. (i gave a joe boxer version of it to nelson, i remember.)

i also had another one, i think it was a thong that had a little plastic pocket that said "place photo here".

so imagine my squeals when i found some "cuties" boy leg shorts with glitters. in bench. of all places.

i think i pick my undies like i pick my friends. fun, cheeky, easy, and always a comfort.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


nothing like a glass of ice cold welchade this summer.

don't think this is a legit welch's product. can't seem to find it in their website. *click here*

the label really says welchade, and upon closer inspection, the font is in cooper. it's manufactured/bottled in china, so i dunno about their dodgy safety standards, etc. but it tastes fantabulous! it says "less sweet" on its label, too.

i can only find it in the 7-11 store a block and a half away, though. yummy. probaby should resist the pull...

but as my friend, dario puts it: "aye lavvit!"
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