Tuesday, June 30, 2009

39th (Part One of a Series)

Exactly a month ago today was halfway through my 39th week.

I had gone for a scheduled weekly checkup in Medical City.

I thought of taking a cab to the doctor’s, since Jerome had to work that day. But feeling heavy and ungainly, I decided to take my husband’s advice and asked my sister to go with me instead.
Lucky move.
I have been walking around 6 cm dilated.
It was 11 AM. My OB-Gyn told me not to take in any more food or drinks. My last meal had been breakfast @ 9 that morning. Not fun.
I was to call my husband so we can head off to Asian Hospital in Alabang.
We agreed to meet at home, as my sister drove. She and Paul would then follow us to Asian Hospital.

The Mothership is here.
(to be contd.)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

who's your daddy?

new daddy dresses less than a week old audrey as nurse ma-teh supervises.

it's jerome's first fathers' day as a father. yay!!!

since we've started dating, i've always nicknamed jerome "daddy j". it's because of that responsible aura he exudes, that intensity, and well, that seriousness. :)

he told me this morning that, when his daughter smiled at him as he picked up her up, his heart broke. i think it's the sweetest thing.

happy fathers' day, baby! you rock.

Monday, June 8, 2009

prologue: audrey arrives

may 30th--i watched my life gain new meaning as our daughter, audrey lauren khu garcia arrive via normal delivery.

childbirth and caring for your young must be two of the most primal experiences one can have.

being a new mother also seems to mean one has the uncanny inability to focus on anything long enough. hence, i sign off for now. i should be resting.
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