Friday, February 26, 2010

the gall

goodbye, rocky and yucky. i will soooo not miss you.
(trying to make it less gross by posing tiny mr.bean bear next to it)

last saturday, 20th february was supposedly just another weekend of errands consisting of
1 ocular inspection with lunch @ discovery suites
2 a quick stop to get baby's toddler pillow
3 a grocery run
4 baby vitamins
5 and find a shirt for jerome's hermoso clan reunion.

somehow, we got the first 2 done, and all the rest took a backseat as i was rushed to medical city's e.r.

it was the 3rd time in 3 months for me to see the inside of the e.r. this time, the pain was so intense that i was literally crying. it was more painful than giving birth to audrey (yes, yes, i had an epidural then.)

the ultrasound showed a pair of gall stones the size of small olives. one of them was blocking the neck of my gall bladder.

all the rest was a blur. laparoscopic cholescystectomy it is. on monday. no food till after. painkillers. oh god bless painkillers.

maxicare doctors took out my gall bladder along with the stones.

these things seem to affect 4f's:
Farts a lot

hahahaha not even funny. grrrowl.

the stones are totally disgusting specimens if you ask me. they literally are stones. they are not smooth ones, they look like warty, rough things.


so glad they are gone from my body. good riddance.

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