Friday, April 22, 2011

shred of delight

hi there shredder... you are my favorite toy today.

shredding paper is a therapeutic thing. if you have some anger and/or issues, you can work through them by using a paper shredder. shred photos, paper, old documents, etc.

but if you are anger-free and just want to do some serious spring cleaning, and maybe indulge the little imp inside you who loves to destroy things...ohhhh...shredding paper can really make you feel happy and all tingly inside.


Monday, April 18, 2011


audrey arranging shoes...(her)dolly's, ainsley's, audrey's

"are you ready for another one?" my husband asked me almost a year ago. we had just gotten good news; we were pregnant.

the answer was obvious: "yes, i'm ready to fall in love with another child with you again."

becoming a mom is a role one grows into. initially, you might think you're ready, but nothing really prepares you for the ride called motherhood.

with our 2nd baby... cocky as hell and feeling like a veteran-- i went for the first ultrasound alone, not expecting that when i saw my LO's tiny heartbeat, i'd cry. just like the first time with the first baby.

love @ 1st sight.

again. *sigh*

i've been a stay-at-home mom for most of the last 6 months. imagine that.

after the holy week, i'll be going back to work. hope audrey will still run to mommy laughing and giggling for a "yab-yab" (love-love, which means hug, in audreyspeak.) and ailsley will still wave her little arms at mommy to lift her up after lunch.

i'm used to being audrey's mom, but being ainsley's mom--i'm still getting the hang of. she's different from her sister in many ways. but both are sweet babies, touchy in their own ways but generally easy and happy.

who knew momdom is the bomb? hahaha.

Friday, April 15, 2011


WD-40 wonderful diva @ 40

today i turn 40. i don't feel different since my last post.
older? maybe.
wiser? ummm, not by much.
happier? definitely!

3 goals were set last year. supposedly before i turn 40.
  1. join my first 10k via pasig run on 10.10.10.
  2. have another baby.
  3. learn to bake a pie.
let's see...what happened since then?... 10k and baking a pie never happened. but #2 did! (ta-dah!)
training for pasig run made my body an easy host for a baby, so i got pregnant. :) carrying our second child made it impossible to keep training. it was a rough pregnancy with more bed rests than i liked. riding the tide of this physical drama was gdm. so no pie either! these 3 goals were so related, you see...

this year, here are my goals:
  1. get a driver's license
  2. learn to make chocolate truffles
  3. join the pasig run this year!
*waving pompoms and chanting "go olive!"*

turning 40 has taught me:
  1. never to take anything or anyone for granted. like this blog...heehee
  2. be cool no matter what
  3. be kind and stop being a bitch
  4. god listens. all. the. time.
  5. love is easy. it is a default emotion we are all born with.
long term life lesson i have to learn--to forgive. never could figure this out. (seriously...why get mad if you're going to forgive anyway?) :P

so far the last 40 years were fun. interesting, and most of the time--funny. the next forty? let's find out. ;)
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