Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Night Hand Dance

happy weekend everyone!
We No Speak Americano ft. Cleary and Harding

Friday, August 12, 2011

banner booboo

eeyikes! accidentally erased the banner. so an impromptu banner is in place.

maybe it's a sign. should maybe change the whole look layout etc.

maybe it's time for uleblog3. oh dear...wordpress? anyone? ek.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


 "sale" is a four letter word.

on my way to work today, i recieved an sms as the train pulled into shaw blvd. station.
"wala muna ngayon for wansa."
it's from my supervisor, kuya tadi. i've been advised that i had no schedule for the day.


i literally hopped up and ran out the beeping-closing mrt doors.

a free afternoon. :) it's a no brainer--i'm gonna be a mall rat for a couple of hours.

i attacked the sale racks for the first 30 minutes. i felt bad for the dresses-- they looked molested after i tried them on.

taking my friend's advice given last monday (after a similar incident @ another store,) i decided to try on shoes.

i now get why women looove shoes. it's because shoes don't judge you. they don't make fun of your body. they don't tell you your 40 year old post duo baby belly looks like it's still hoarding a secret baby that refuses to be born.

on the upside, you're too annoyed at how much fun these mirrors are having at your expense that you don't really want to buy any clothes. so yes, semi-permanent resident post baby belly saves you money that way.

shoes lift up your heels and make you feel powerful, sexy and pretty. from the knee down. just remember to shave your legs.

so yes--women + shoes. i succumbed to this readily, and so willingly.

so, i got me a pair of...

wait for it...

running shoes.

long term planning. ta-dah.

fight the frump.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

purse carrying man

girls! young and old! NEVER make your man carry your purse! it's disrespectful insomanylevels!!
if you are with some sap of a man you seriously don't think much of, there is no need for you to publicly humiliate and emasculate the poor bast*rd by making him carry YOUR purse.

yes, your purse. the one that contains your girlstuff.

your purse is part of your outfit--an accessory. and your man, should you choose him to be, is eye/arm candy. do not confuse or entangle the two.

if your purse/handbag is too heavy to carry, take out whatever crap you don't really need and leave it at home. or don't bother bringing a purse/handbag.

and if he's got his own murse... well, just see that it matches what he's wearing. that's another topic for another day.

Monday, August 1, 2011

little black dress--mamazon style

little black dress by alexander mcqueen

LBD--the little black dress is arguably the one piece of garment that every respectable woman must have in her wardrobe. simple, classic, elegant. a timeless piece. epitome of chic. etc. etc.--you get the picture.

so yes, i am in search of this mystical piece of clothing that will grant me the ability to transform myself from mamazon to glamazon. 4 months after delivering my 2nd babygirl *silly lovesick smile* , i was a uber-rubenesque version of my once size-4 beach bunny frame.

now, 6 months later---



i should take cmfort from the fact that the politically correct lbd gets bigger as the wearer ages. now @ lbd becomes just bd. black dress--bd...or just black dress?? jbd.

whatever. i'll call it the Badass Black Dress. BBD it is. still in denial---treadmill, here comes the mamazon!
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